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Will the head of the school district attend a Board of Education meeting? Read Lorain CEO David Hardy’s answers to your questions


    David Hardy, Lorain City Schools CEO, gave a presentation to the public on Thursday evening, February 8 regarding the steps that are being taken by the District's administration.



LORAIN — Reporter Katie Nix solicited questions from the Lorain community to ask school district CEO David Hardy. He answered them May 10 before his town hall meeting. Check out the questions and Hardy’s answers below.


What is the actual number of administrators and how many of them are new positions? Where is the money coming to pay for them and are other programs and/or positions going to be compromised due to the new hires?

No programs are being compromised for our new leaders, if anything, we are strengthening our leadership at the school level so that the support necessary for teachers and scholars to grow is now in place. It was clear and voiced by our community that we need to do more to support scholar behavior and engage our families, hence the addition of a Dean of Scholar and Family engagement at each school.

How many teachers that had their own classrooms last year will not have classrooms this year? How did you determine which teachers would have classrooms for the upcoming school year?

Not sure I understand the question.

How many of the new hires do currently or plan to before school starts, live in the city of Lorain or the LCS district?

We do not mandate teachers live in Lorain. Many of our teachers (veteran and new) live in the area but not in Lorain. I would not be able to provide an accurate answer to this as many individuals are still settling into the area.

Why do you refuse to attend the school board meetings? Will you be willing to have a public meeting with the school board what will meet the laws/rules that the school board is required to adhere to so that everyone can reach an understanding?

I appreciate your question and understand your concern. Unfortunately, the school board and the district serve two different roles with HB 70. They are empowered to place a levy on the ballot. I do not have any involvement with the levy by law. I am responsible for the operational, instructional, and managerial responsibilities in the district. For that reason, there is no need for me to attend the board meetings even though there is a belief that I do have interactions with the board--we are two separate entities.

The person who was not qualified for the position has received their certificate, you mentioned in the Town Hall that others can still work through the process, are their others that are not certified/qualified at this moment?

All of our staff is certified to teach and lead in the position they were hired for.

You mentioned in a meeting about visiting a school in Colorado and they made students stand in front of a class and apologize for being late, do you plan to implement this policy in LCS?

The point I was attempting to illustrate is the pride that school had in making sure that everyone felt accountable to each other. Whether or not that approach in Colorado is something we are considering, our push is to making us feel more like a family who is responsible for making all of us a little better each day.

Behavior and discipline has been mentioned in several meetings, what changes will you be making and are you working with your teachers and parent groups on this?

There will be significant changes to our approach to behavior through our move to a restorative justice model in all schools.

What will the new dress code policy be? If he doesn’t have that information, when will that information be released?

This information will be released in the next two weeks.

Do the teachers currently or will they before the beginning of this school year have district provided resources to teach lessons aligned to the standards?

Teachers will have the resources for scholars to be successful.

Where is all the money coming from to pay for all of these new administrators who are making six figure salaries?

We have seen a number of administrators leave and we need to find great leaders to fill their shoes. Therefore we hire new administrators.

What is going to happen to the title teachers and academic coaches who still don’t have positions after the first round of the unassigned pool?

All former title I and academic coaches will be in schools next year.

You said that you want teachers to call home for every absent student everyday. How are you going to ensure teachers have time to do that each day, along with all the other stuff they do during the day (like teach). Shouldn’t that be something that the Dean of Family does?

This will be a shared responsibility for all. The biggest thing is finding a way to make sure our kids are with their school family everyday getting smarter and that is the goal.

A major issue in the district is attendance. What are you going to do to improve it?

This will be a big part of what our Chief Family Office will address. More details to come.

Can we get rid of the strict dress code at the high school? We need to improve class and school attendance but yet we don’t allow them in class because of a pair of pants or the color of a shirt.

We will maintain the dress code and ensure that our scholars are in dress code next year. I agree class and school attendance is a priority and we will address that as well. Dress code will not keep our kids out of class next year, because they will be in it:).

When you were principal at Achievement First East New York Middle School, did any students have to wear a bright green chartreuse shirt that said "NOT YET" for *any reason*?

I am not sure I understand the question.

This is a question that goes through all of our minds. Why with everyone wondering and worrying about our schools, why can’t you go to the board meetings and have dialogue? Are you told not to go by the state? If Trump can meet Kim and have dialogue, for the people of Lorain will you RECONSIDER and please go to the Board meetings?

I appreciate your question and understand your concern. Unfortunately, the school board and the district serve two different roles with HB 70. They are empowered to place a levy on the ballot. I do not have any involvement with the levy by law. I am responsible for the operational, instructional, and managerial responsibilities in the district. For that reason, there is no need for me to attend the board meetings even though there is a belief that I do have interactions with the board--we are two separate entities.

In the last group of questions, you said we’d be using the same curriculum. There is “no” curriculum. Teachers went in together with their own money and bought their own curriculum last year. What curriculum are you talking about and what grades is that curriculum for?

I hear you and I might have misunderstood the need. I did hear from teachers who did not want a "new curriculum", but I now also hear the need. Through some conversations with teachers, we will be reconsidering the need and ensuring our great teachers have what they need to be successful for our scholars.

Will you allow more time at the town hall meetings for questions? Can the audience be more free to ask questions without writing them on cards? Many questions arise as others may be asked or answered.

Most town hall meetings are open to any and all questions. I only limited questions to cards once or twice because of time constraints, but most meetings if not all of them this and next year will be open to any question.


Is health education now required in grades K-8 in Ohio, and if so, what year will the education be provided for addiction and abuse being that this is such a crisis in our city?

There is more information on this to come. Thank you for your question!

Knowing that the Title teacher and tutors are being eliminated in the district for next year, how will the district comply with the scholar’s legal document of the IEP or will all of the IEPs be amended to remove that service?

IEPs and Title I teachers are two separate things. IEPs and the service of IEPs will continue to be supported by our Special Education Educators.

How will you measure the return on investment on replacing title teachers with administration?

Title teachers were not replaced by administration. Title teachers were eliminated to change the supports to our scholars through other intervention measures. The current results from the use of title I teachers over the years have not yielded the academic outcomes we need to see as it pertains to our state report card. We need to do something different if we want to see different results.

Will the district be using Kickboard next year?

Yes--it will be provided to us at no charge.

With the ongoing challenge of technology access, adequacy and equity how will you provide all of the technological resources that our scholars need to function in today’s world?

There is more information about this at our June 14th town hall meeting at 5 pm in the Lorain High School Auditorium. I hope to see you there.

Being that many of the class sizes in Lorain are overcrowded will you adhere to the ODE guidelines for class size limits?

Yes. If there are classes that are overcrowded, please bring that to our attention. This is not a concern that has been brought to my attention at this point. We have and will remain in compliance.

What curriculum changes are you planning to make? What opportunities will you provide this summer to introduce the teachers to these changes?

Our approach to teaching and learning will change. However, the curricular resources (outside our testing structures) will largely remain the same. Tomorrow morning teachers will receive a year-end email that will outline the expectations for the upcoming school year that will include multiple opportunities to meet with senior leadership about expectations for next year before we come back officially in August.

When will you be attending a Board of Education meeting to provide the financial information and dialogue the Board is requesting on behalf of their constituents regarding the renewal levy?

Financial information is provided to the board by our Chief Strategy Officer at the school board's meetings. Mr. Hill has made the five-year forecast, financial updates, and budgets available multiple times throughout the year at the school board's meetings. If interested, all past school board meetings are made available on our website. In addition, any and all information that is needed or requested is posted online and available for the public as well.


You've said no to charter schools in the Lorain school district but will some be reconstituted as STEM/STEAM academies, magnet schools or private schools?

We will work to provide opportunities for our scholars to be successful at all levels. Our high school will provide those opportunities through pathways, we call academies--none of which are private schools or magnet schools.

You've said teachers will not have to reapply for their jobs but how do you expect Teach for America corps members will fit in for the coming years?

New teachers that enter our district will enter like any other teacher who has entered our school district in years past. Our goal is always to ensure that we have the best teachers in front of our scholars and no special circumstances will be made for any particular classification of teachers. We are lucky that we rarely have many vacancies historically which makes recruiting for new teachers easier; however, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our teaching force with diverse teachers to meet the diverse needs of our scholars.

Email reporter Katie Nix with your questions for the Lorain Schools CEO by noon Thursday each week and see your answers posted here. 

Will band be brought back for sixth graders next year?

Music is a big part of our district's future! We are looking to expand our music program over the next few years.

When will curriculum, maps, programs, schedules etc. be unveiled so teachers can begin planning for next year?

As promised, school teachers will receive updates on instructional expectations by June 7th. Upon return in August, our Professional Collaboration Days will allow teachers to dive into understanding the state standards, our district-wide assessments, and curriculum pacing guides.

Will the deans be evaluating teachers for OTES?

Administrators will, like years past, evaluate teachers.

Is there a possibility teachers will be reassigned/shuffled to other buildings between now and the first day of school?

Like all school years in the past, the possibility is there. The unassigned pool dictates teacher movement up until the first day of school.

Has a new principal been named for Southview Middle School?

The school leader will be officially announced by the end of the month.

When will current newsletters, town hall power points, CEO approved agendas and partner proposals be updated on the website?

We attempt to update those documents as frequently as possible, however, with the number of Public Records Request we want to provide as much information as possible and our ability to update websites may take a little longer. We do apologize for the inconvenience. The information will be posted. If there is information that is missing (as most if not all should be up to date) please email the school district directly. We appreciate your feedback.

Who is accountable for keeping the website current with information?

Currently, website updates are provided through our Operations Office until we solidify a communications team.



When will teachers be told if there will be job cuts?

There aren’t any anticipated cuts. There was a letter and conversation with the teachers union president.

If Title I services are being eliminated in their current form, what positions are you planning to supplement that with?

Title I services are not being cut. The position of Title I teacher is being eliminated. With Title I services the intent is to provide interventions to kids and that’s kids that are underperforming so how we go about providing additional support to kid who are underperforming will directly dictate how we approach it. Because we have, at the elementary school, 75 percent of kids are in that bucket we have to think about it differently so the idea of Title I services being the avenue is a false dichotomy. We actually have to figure out how to support all of our kids differently. Next year you will see, and our teachers and leaders will see, how we approach intervention differently next year.

Are tutor positions being eliminated?

I don’t even want to answer that question because I don’t know what tutor positions we have.

There’s a rumor going around that teachers will have to reapply for their jobs next year. Is that true?

You know what’s funny about rumors is they’re started by people I would love to talk to so we could get to a better understanding. There’s no truth, zero truth to teachers having to reapply for their jobs.

Is there going to be any changes to how the dress code is enforced at the high school?

I would 110 percent agree with (someone who thinks the dress code enforcement is lacking at the high school). I think Mrs. Hopkins and I are in agreement that something has to be done different at the high school, especially with the dress code.



Where is graduation going to take place with George Daniel Field being redone?

It’ll be in our gymnasium.

The school board has attended graduation in the past. Will they be attending this year?

I hope so.

Will students be receiving health education next year particularly in middle school?

We have actually had conversations with the Cleveland Clinic the past two weeks to talk about some of those challenges and create presentations, so they’ve been productive conversations but we’re not particularly sure how that curriculum will pan out yet, particularly in middle school.

Can you stand by the fact that you’re not bringing in charter schools?

Yes I can stand by that fact.

Have you done anything to communicate the administrative changes to parents, families and staff?

We’re in the beginning stages of making that transition happen so our new turnaround principals will be communicating first to their teams and then to the community through letters and so forth and that is coming.

Do you have a question for Lorain Schools CEO David Hardy? Send it to Katie Nix by email before noon each Thursday, and you may see the answer posted here. 
Has anything been done to directly affect students this year in the classroom?

I’ve been very intentional to leave the good work to the teachers and I told them this year I would not disrupt what they’re doing to make kids successful and I trust that they have been. I’m excited to see what next steps we need to take but nothing intentional was focused solely on our schools because we had so many other things to attend to. Case and point, we had a huge financial crisis when it came to the health trust and our insurance. We complications with some of our organizational structures here in the central office and then we went through a very intensive school leadership turnaround and change, so these conversations of school leadership started in December and we’re just now finishing in May. It’s about getting everything else right first, so we can effectively address instruction in a powerful way next year. With that being said some of the things we’ve done this year will directly affect outcomes for kids, but I would not be surprised if we have very minimal gains this year as we prepare greatly for next.

Is there any truth to the fact that students had to wear “Not Yet” shirts if they didn’t hit standards at Achievement First?

No that’s incorrect.

What types of professional development have you brought into the district this year?

Again, this year was focused on reorganization at the central office level and increasing our capacity to get better for teachers going into next year and ensuring that as we think about what teachers need that we hear from them rather than just doing things to teachers, so we’ve been pretty focused on getting it right for our teachers next year.

What are your feelings on the district’s response to intervention process and how are you planning to change it?

I think that the question I want to ask back is how do we provide better services for our kids? We have to be really intentional about how we think about that and not to say we haven’t done that in the past but I would say that our school report card tells us that we haven’t been and we have to do something different, whether that’s changing resources or having more specific conversations about individual kids. The reality of the situation is we have to do something better.

What is Anet’s role in the Lorain school district?

Nothing as of yet. They are a number of vendors who are on our Lorain Promise page who have submitted information to work with us and we’ll see. They do a little bit of everything. They provide assessments to professional learning opportunities to consulting to leadership coaching.

Is there anything being done to change class sizes?


Why hasn’t a principal been named for the high school?

For a few reasons. One, we want to make sure we have the right person. Two, we want to make sure we have the right configuration of leaders. As you form any team you want to make sure you have the right pieces, so we’ve taken a lot of time to make sure we’ve got that. Third, we had 13 other schools that we wanted to make sure we got right first. We know that the challenges we’re seeing at the high school are manifested by those we see in middle school and elementary so we wanted to get those right first.

How will you ensure the teachers will not be riffed?

I think if I heard the question correctly it’s ‘How do we make sure we have the best teachers in front of our kids?’ That’s what I hear and I hear that because I think the most important thing is that we improve on what we deliver to our kids every single day. When you walk into our classrooms and only 17 percent of our students are receiving standard space instruction, when you look at only 1.1 percent of our high school students are leaving for college with a remediation free ACT score, it’s about what we need to do right by kids to improve the quality of teaching in all of our classrooms.

How do you plan to help students living in trauma?

I’ve been in conversations with the (Lorain County Board of Mental Health) in the last week and the Cleveland Clinic in the last two weeks to talk about what supports they may be able to provide us and it ranges from programming to additional social workers and counselors in our buildings to finding ways to support our families differently and all of those things are on the table and those conversations will probably go until the end of this month to figure out what support we can actually get. But please know that is a big priority for us. When we look at the past few years we have a chronic absentee rate of 30 percent plus of our kids not coming to school, there’s a reason. That’s not necessarily academic. That’s something else and we need to address it.

If preschool classes are being added to every building are the Titan Wellness clinics going away to make room for that?

We decided to consolidate the health services through Mercy. I had a great conversation with (Mercy Vice President) Ed Oley about this and what we found is we had three clinics but the usage rate at all of them was really low and part of it was because we had alternative days, so people didn’t know when to show up at which site, so we said ‘Let’s have one site, five days a week.’ Not only does it make it a consistent location, but it also gives a consistent schedule for folks and we believe that will increase traffic that goes in and out of Washington Elementary School and will support our community even stronger.

Will it be saving the district money to consolidate the clinics?


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