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Sly snake reunited with its owner

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    Austin Hubbell, of Elyria, is reunited with his pet boa constrictor, Lilith, at the Friendship Animal Protective League on Wednesday.



ELYRIA — After 30 hours separated, Elyria resident Austin Hubbell was reunited with his beloved boa constrictor, Lilith, at the Friendship Animal Protective League on Wednesday.

“I’m glad to have her back. I missed her; she’s my baby,” he said while standing outside the APL building with Lilith wrapped around him.

Elyria police found the 6-foot reptile Tuesday morning after she escaped from her cage. Hubbell said he learned Lilith was found through an online article and Facebook post by the Chronicle-Telegram.

Hubbell said he was cleaning the snake’s home cage in his backyard on Dilworth Street when she escaped about 9:30 a.m. She was in her feeding cage, he said — which doesn’t latch like her home cage does — and while he was busy working on the other cage, she pushed items off the top of the feeding cage so she could get out. While he searched for her after she got out, he didn’t think she would have gotten that far — suspecting she was hiding under one of his cars.

About an hour later, Elyria police Officer Aaron Varga arrived at a home on Elma Drive, just a street away from Hubbell’s home. A woman told Varga a snake was slithering up her driveway toward her car. When he saw the boa constrictor on the driveway, he did his best to move it away from the vehicle: The veteran Elyria police officer grabbed the snake — and pulled. Eventually, Varga was able to corral the Lilith into a pillow case the resident gave him.

Hubbell said the first thing he was going to do was get a new feeding cage with latches so Lilith wouldn’t escape anytime soon.

Lilith, named after a character on the TV show “Supernatural,” is a red-tailed boa, which can grow up to 10 feet long and live for 20 years if well cared for as pets, according to a factsheet from the National Geographic website. Hubbell estimates she is 2 to 3 years old. He said he has had her for about six months since buying her from a friend.

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