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Residents voice concerns at North Ridgeville Council about proposed roundabouts


North Ridgeville residents voiced their concerns and frustrations with a possible new roundabout to be installed at Alternate state Route 83 and Chestnut Road at City Council on Monday night.

Council considered passing an ordinance that would allow an engineer’s study of the potential roundabout, to determine cost and design. The study will cost about $41,000. They also considered passing an ordinance that would allow grant money for the roundabout.

Residents said they didn’t understand why a new roundabout needed to be rushed through Council and asked that it be sent to a committee for further consideration and discussion.

A couple of North Ridgeville residents said the roundabout would push traffic through at a faster rate and then back up at state Route 83 and Chestnut, which wouldn’t solve traffic issues, just push it farther out.

One person noted that the Mills Road roundabout works well, but it still backs up traffic, particularly between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. He was concerned that North Ridgeville would become a “city of roundabouts,” as the city also is working on a roundabout at Mills and Lear Nagle roads, which is currently delayed.

Mayor Dave Gillock said they’ve received a lot of complaints from the Waterbury development about traffic, and that a roundabout has less maintenance issues. He said once it’s done, it’s done.

The estimated cost of a roundabout, about $800,000, also would cost less than what an estimated traffic light, which is what some residents suggested, would cost, which is estimated at about $950,000.

Gillock said the proposed roundabout would be the Ohio Public Works grant-funded project for 2020. With the Mills and Lear Nagle roundabout pushed back due to the city of Avon’s unresponsiveness, the city decided to move on to another intersection on their list.

Councilwoman Michelle Hung took issue with passing the study of the possible roundabout because she said it’s not a necessity and it was something they should talk more about. She also said she wanted to get the Mills and Lear Nagle roundabout done first and asked the city to work harder with Avon.

Councilmen Gregg Westover and Dennis Boose said they should at least do a study to get the actual cost of the project and then talk about whether a roundabout should go in.

The study passed Council with five for it and two against it, from Hung and Councilman Martin DeVries. President of Council Kevin Corcoran moved the grant issue to a committee, so that people would have the opportunity to discuss it further while the engineering department looked at costs and design.

If the city decides to forward with the roundabout, the grant ordinance must passed Council and Council must also approve construction. The decision for the grant money must be submitted by Sept. 1.

Corcoran told Council members that they knew they needed something at the intersection of Alt. 83 and Chestnut Road, and it was on the list to be done, whether it was the first or second thing on the list.

North Ridgeville Council also passed an ordinance that will allow for the expansion of Ranger Way Road from the Academic Center’s north driveway to Bainbridge Road.

Kenssington Drive will be realigned, and it would connect to Ranger Way Road, but not Bainbridge Road. Gillock said the fire department has limited access through the school campus for emergency vehicles when they travel to calls.

The city will acquire property from the North Ridgeville Board of Education, and they want the project done as soon as possible.

City Council also passed an ordinance that will require sidewalks on both sides of any newly constructed road.

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