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Daughter marries in hospital chapel so mom can attend

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    Betsy Guild, left, Abby Poorman, Margy Poorman, Claudia Pawlak and Kelsey Poorman pose for photos after Abby’s wedding at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Chapel.



AVON — Margy Poorman had been planning to attend her daughter’s wedding in September, but after being hospitalized since January, it was becoming less likely that she would be able to make it to the ceremony.

“My mom has just been through a lot since January and things have just been progressively getting worse,” said Abby Poorman, Margy’s daughter. “I was kind of trying to just hold onto hope that she would be able to make it.”

Margy Poorman, 65, of Avon, told her doctors that she wanted to see her daughter get married. Since they weren’t sure if she would make the September wedding, Abby Poorman and the medical staff brought the wedding to her. After working with University Hospitals and her mom’s medical team, Margy Poorman was able to see her daughter walk down the aisle at the UH Cleveland Medical Center Chapel.

“She’s been through so much that, just to see her happy, and to see her glowing and see her excited about something, it was a great feeling,” Abby Poorman said. “Everybody was just so emotional that day.”

Pulling it off wasn’t easy, but Abby Poorman said the staff jumped on it when she proposed the idea. Her aunts got her mom a dress, her best friend rushed to the store for flowers. The hospital arranged for the chaplain, and the medical staff worked to make sure her mom was well enough to attend the ceremony.

“There were a lot of people that did a lot of work to make it happen, but it ended up being just a beautiful ceremony,” Abby Poorman said. “And we’re just really glad that we were able to pull that off and have that opportunity to do that for my mom.”

Once she coordinated a date and time with the medical staff, Abby Poorman had a tight window of time to get all of the details figured out. She did most of planning on a car ride back home to Lorain County from Tennessee.

“We had like under 24 hours to get all the details in place,” she said.

Abby Poorman said she had a lot of help, including from Kayla Wolf, her mom’s nurse and impromptu wedding planner. Abby Poorman said Wolf was on the forefront helping set things up, even doing her mom’s hair and makeup for the ceremony.

“She was great,” Abby Poorman said. “She just offered everything to us that we needed. She took it upon herself to go above and beyond.”

Wolf, who has been Margy Poorman’s nurse for most of her stay, said the experience was the highlight of her job.

“My favorite part about my job has always been patients like Margy,” Wolf said. “Ensuring that Margy got to see her daughter get married was such an amazing day for everyone involved. It’s a day I’ll surely remember for the rest of my career.”

At the last minute, Abby Poorman invited all of her family in the area to wedding, many of them dropping what they were doing to be there. Even though it was sudden, she said many of them were still able to make it.

“We ended up having a pretty big crowd there,” Abby Poorman said. “The whole chapel was filled with people.”

Abby Poorman will be getting married to her fiance, Brian Kucbel, again in September. While that wedding may be larger, she said the wedding at the UH chapel was an important moment for her and her family.

“It was such a special moment that I don’t think anybody will ever forget because it was just something that was so emotional,” Abby Poorman said. “It meant a lot to our family.”

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