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Police: Tracy Sprinkle key instigator in Lorain bar brawl involving dozens


LORAIN — Elyria High School graduate Tracy Sprinkle acted as a key instigator of an out-of-control bar brawl early Saturday, Lorain police said Sunday as they released the official police report.

Sprinkle, 19, an Ohio State University football player, was arrested and charged with rioting, failure to disperse, possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was one of three people arrested early Saturday, although police detailed a chaotic scene involving several dozen people.

Ohio State spokesman Jerry Emig said Sunday that the defensive end, who was a star in the Elyria program, was suspended from the team following his arrest.

Police said they were called to the Grown N’ Sexy Bar, 1662 E. 28th St., Lorain, just before 2 a.m. Saturday for a large fight inside and outside the establishment. When an officer arrived, he wrote how he observed more than 50 people outside the bar, with pockets of people fighting in several areas of the parking lot.

People also were seen running out of the bar.

“I had a clear vision inside the bar and could see absolute mayhem going on inside,” the officer wrote in his report. “A large number of people could be seen fighting inside, with chairs being thrown.”

The officer said he immediately called for every available officer to assist at the bar, as well as for LifeCare Ambulance to treat a woman who was being carried by other women and appeared to be unconscious. It later was determined that she was hit by a chair inside the club.

The officer said he let his police dog out of his cruiser to help with crowd control. As he waited for assistance, he said he could see the owner of the bar, Abraham Reynolds, trying to break up fights, forcing people out of the bar and stopping others from re-entering.

As the officer was breaking up fights outside the bar, he came into contact with 23-year-old Wayne Blue. He had no shirt on and was bleeding from the face. Blue was screaming at Sprinkle, the officer wrote.

“It was clear that the two of them had been fighting or were currently trying to fight each other. However, each of the males had a number of people with them trying to hold them back,” the report said.

Both Blue and Sprinkle were told to leave, but instead continued the confrontation. Blue was the first to be arrested after refusing to leave and continuing to confront Sprinkle.

The officer once again told Sprinkle to leave.

“The group that had been trying to hold Sprinkle back responded by saying, ‘We got him’ as they pushed him toward a car,” the report said.

The officer then turned his attention to the crowd and worked to clear the parking lot. He was helped by other Lorain police officers as well as several Ohio Highway Patrol troopers, who were called in because of the number of people involved. Many people milled around and ignored officers until a large firework was ignited and the loud explosion caused the crowd to disperse.

However, Sprinkle did not leave the area as instructed. He later was seen arguing again with someone, and at that time he was arrested, the officer wrote.

Later, an officer spoke with Blue, who said he was inside the bar when a fight broke out and he was hit in the face with a bottle by Sprinkle. He has a cut to his lower lip as a result.

Sprinkle denied any involvement with anything, the report said.

A supplemental report written by a second officer details the events leading to Sprinkle’s drug charges.

The officer said he arrived at the bar as the first officer was trying to gain control of the crowd and was the one who arrested Sprinkle, handcuffed him and placed him in a police car.

“I approached the male in the parking lot and placed him against an SUV and began to place a handcuff on his left wrist, advising him he was under arrest,” the supplemental report said. “The male began to tense up and spin around on me, causing me to shove him into the SUV and grab his right wrist and cuff it.”

He was taken to Lorain City Jail.

After he was walked into the station, the officer wrote that he went back to his cruiser and found two small bags of cocaine each weighing about 0.2 grams stuffed under the back seat. The officer said the only other person in the back of his cruiser was a juvenile. He said he checked his backseat after taking the juvenile home and did not find the drugs at that time.

“Sprinkle was laid out across my back seat, and where the items were located was in the area that his upper torso was on,” the report said.

As a result, Sprinkle also was charged with possession of the found drugs.

In addition to Blue and Sprinkle, Darrell A. Dukes, 22, of Elyria, was arrested for failure to disperse.

The aftermath of the night left the bar in shambles. The owner told police as a result of the fight, a pool table had been flipped over, overhead lights were broken, and tables and chairs had been thrown around and broken, along with multiple beer and liquor bottles.

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