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Lorain murder defendant: man shot me, killed resident


ELYRIA — Abline Cannon was in the apartment of David Barreiro conducting a drug deal with Barreiro and his twin brother, Daniel Barreiro, when two men kicked the door in, pistol-whipped Daniel Barreiro and got into a shootout with David Barreiro, Cannon testified Thursday morning.

Cannon, 38, of Cleveland, took the stand on the fourth day of his murder trial before Judge Chris Cook. Prosecutors have said that Cannon and another man kicked the door in and tried to rob David Barreiro and the shootout ensued in which Cannon was hit by a bullet in the arm and David Barreiro was shot and killed.

The defendant admitted he has been a drug dealer for 20 years, and an acquaintance of his had set up a drug deal with David and Daniel Barreiro on Dec. 10, 2016. Cannon testified that he was supposed to sell the twin brothers 2 ounces of uncut heroin, which he said had a street value of about $5,000.

Cannon said he drove to the apartment on Shore Boulevard in Lorain in a rental SUV along with three other men — Antonio Parra, Chris House and Robert Beane. When they arrived, Cannon and House went into the apartment with a “sample” of the heroin to discuss the drug deal with the Barreiro twins.

After House purchased some Percocet pills from David Barreiro, Cannon and the Barreiro twins began discussing the transaction for the 2 ounces of heroin, the defendant testified. That’s when Beane and Parra kicked the door to the apartment in, pistol-whipped Daniel Barreiro and got into a shootout with David Barreiro, Cannon testified.

When the shooting began, Cannon and House both fell the floor to avoid getting shot. The shooting stopped abruptly, and Cannon decided to try to leave the apartment, he testified. While trying to flee, he was hit by a bullet in the arm.

Cannon told the jury he left the third-floor apartment and tried to get out of the building by going down the stairs in the hallway. He said he began feeling dizzy due to the loss of blood from his wound, but he remembers the other three men running past him and jumping into his rental vehicle.

After seeing the three men jump in the vehicle, Cannon testified he wasn’t sure he wanted to get in the vehicle with them because he “wasn’t sure who had shot” him, but he eventually decided to go with the men when Parra opened one of the back doors of the vehicle for him.

Prosecutors contend Cannon entered the apartment with another man by kicking in the door with the intent of robbing David Barreiro, who was a known heroin dealer. Prosecutors have said Cannon was shot in the arm by a bullet from David Barreiro’s gun — a bullet that is still lodged in Cannon’s arm, according to testimony.

During cross-examination, Assistant County Prosecutor Tony Cillo asked Cannon why he had told at least seven lies to detectives and medical staff at University Hospitals Elyria Medical Center shortly after being shot. Cillo also asked why Cannon later left MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, against medical advice, and had family members lie about his whereabouts.

Cannon said it was to avoid contact with police because he didn’t want to be arrested on drug charges. Cillo said that seemed to be rather extreme measure to avoid drug charges, and he asked Cannon if it wasn’t really to avoid possible murder charges, which Cannon denied.

Cillo said Cannon didn’t give his current version of the events to police until after he was arrested, was in Lorain County Jail and had seen the evidence police had against him through discovery. Cillo asked Cannon if that had given him time to “tailor” his story, to which Cannon responded, “You don’t need to tailor the truth.”

During the cross-examination, Cannon said that perhaps he did not start bleeding immediately after being shot. Cannon’s defense team has said that the lack of blood evidence in the hall near the bedroom David Barreiro’s body was found in proves that Cannon was not near the bedroom when the shootout took place, while the state has contended that the wound didn’t necessarily bleed immediately.

Cillo got Cannon to admit he didn’t bleed immediately after being shot after Cannon testified to being in a certain area in the apartment’s living room when he was hit by the bullet, an area where Cillo pointed out there was no blood evidence found.

At one point during Cillo’s cross-examination of Cannon, a man believed to be a family member of the defendant stood up and shouted to Cannon, “Don’t let him put words in your mouth.”

Cook had the man removed from the courthouse. It was the second such incident that has occurred during the trial.

On Tuesday, Daniel Barreiro, who had testified earlier in the day, jumped over a railing in the courtroom and tried to assault Cannon. Daniel Barreiro was stopped by Lorain County Sheriff’s deputies before being able to reach Cannon and was arrested and held in contempt of court.

When Daniel Barreiro’s mother, Sesa Barreiro-Patterson, saw Daniel Barrero being restrained by deputies, she tried to climb over the railing herself. She too was arrested and held in contempt.

Both Daniel Barreiro and Barreiro-Patterson spent the night in Lorain County Jail, but were released the following day by Cook. Both were told they were not to set foot in the courthouse for the duration of the trial.

The state and defense both rested in the case. Closing arguments in the trial are scheduled to take place Monday morning.

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